Robbie Williams finds himself in trouble after giving the finger to fans at World Cup opening ceremony after repeatedly being asked to sing ‘This Charming Man’ by local fans.

Former fat dancer from Take That Robbie Williams has found himself in hot water after giving the finger live on television at the World Cup opening ceremony in Russia. It is the first time the previously famous Williams has courted controversy since he said something about pop stars pretending to be gay in 2004, which incidentally is the last time he was vaguely popular.

However Williams claims he was just sick of being asked to sing ‘This Charming Man’ by the Russian crowd who were under the impression that they were watching vegetarian miserablist Morrissey.

Local Russian, Pat Stevens who was in attendance said: “We sat through a bunch of newer solo material which has yet to be released in Russia, but like most sane people we were only really bothered about hearing some of the classic Smiths songs.” After the third partial song finished the Russian crowd began to get irritable and started shouting out for various Smiths songs at which point the former Stoke resident lost his cool.

Williams has reportedly been banned from performing at the official after party this evening however local bare chested bear rider Vladimir Putin (aged 42) has graciously stepped in stating: “It’s fine, I can sing much better than him anyway.”

Meanwhile back in Britain the British public have desperately been looking for ways to implicate James Corden in Williams actions in the hope that they both might be dealt with in befitting manner.