Praying for the survivors and victims of the Grenfell Tower fire is definitely the least you can do experts have claimed.

Dr Frederick Seddon of Rochdale College said, “We’ve analysed a range of things people can do in response to a tragedy. Sending aid; going and helping; pledging money. Over the course of this study we’ve found that the people who say praying is the least they can do are correct. It really is the least you can do. As meaningless gestures go it’s definitely number one. Even Homeopathy helps more people.”

Seddon’s findings seem to be echoed by Grenfell survivors. One told us, “I lost everything last year in that fire. Loads of people have told me that they’re praying for me and I still have absolutely nothing. It really is the least people can do for me.”

Prayer fan, Bernadette Murphy said, “This is definitely my experience. My mum got cancer and I said I’d pray for her to get better. She still died but I felt a lot better about it.”

Seddon told us, “The only people who seem to be helped by praying are the people doing the praying. It really helps them as it means they can do something without having to commit to doing anything tangible. We found that the ineffectiveness of prayer was particularly well demonstrated if you put a message on social media saying you were praying.”

Seddon also told us, “It doesn’t matter which deity you pray to either. The flying Spaghetti Monster was just as ineffective as Yaweh or Allah. This is good news for religious people as it shows there’s no difference between any of them. They’re all as useless as the Government.”

Speeches by Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn came a close second to praying in the effectiveness.