Man’s best friend can now get even closer to the World Cup action. As Dogs will be allowed on the field during World Cup games. 

Fifa announced today that during the World Cup, hosted by Russia, stray dogs will be allowed to wander on to the playing field. This was done to accommodate the massive feral dog problem in Russia. Dogs are alleged to outnumber people 4 to 1 in Russia and when organized are only behind Putin in power.

Fifa informed us that the players are not allowed to touch the dogs. Any player who scratches, hugs or pets a dog will be issued a yellow card. This angered some players as now the dogs will just a temptation during the match.

“I’m allergic to dogs, but if one is there, then I obviously be going to pet it.” Cristiano Ronaldo told The Rochdale Herald whilst foaming at the mouth.

This is a stunning rule change for Fifa. Normally humans are the only ones who are allowed to be on the pitch during play. Russia allegedly paid Fifa twice their maximum bribe amount to affect the rule change quickly. Fifa agreed to let the Russian World Cup operate under Air Bud rules. Air Bud rules mean if it was allowed in the movie “Air Bud” then it is allowed in this tournament.

Putin has said he is happy Fifa was so understanding. The dog problem in Russia is not as bad as in America. The President of Russia concluded that there will be at most, 3 dozen dogs on the field at a time. With an additional 5 dozen in the stands.

The World Cup starts June 14th.