An Irish fella is presently proving himself more full of gas than a tinker’s hound by spouting no end of shite on the twitters. Pat “the Twat” Wexford has set himself up several different accounts so he can engage in a bit of “that trolling”.

Mr Wexford’s behaviour appears to have been motivated by a movement known as “Repeal the 8th“.  He appear to believe it to be about whether or not women will have abortions.  Mr Wexford is misguided in this notion.

Professor Deirdre Deirdre Y’Idiots, from the Dublin Institute of the Obvious, explained: “Mr Wexford’s understanding of this topic is a common one, but it is beyond the pale.  And I invoke that ancient English terminology, because that is where many of the women are going, you silly goose.”

“If a woman wants to have an abortion, she’s going to have one.  Frequently, that may even involve a man also wanting her to have one.  If she has some money, she may well be away to that England.  Or she might be having some kind of home remedy, like some herbal remedy for ‘delayed menstruation’ she bought off the didecai.”

Pat “the Twat” disagrees and claims that women would be away having abortions all over the place as their preferred method of contraception.  Presumably because if anyone was tempted by his tiny shrivelled penis, it would be hard to get a condom to stay on it.

We are happy to assist in correcting this notion and explain that the only thing that will differ were you to repeal the 8th is that women who would be having an abortion anyway would be able to have a safer one, with greater support from their friends and families, for what is very difficult emotional decision.  That plus some bunch of men would not be trying to lock them up.

We also remind all no voters that they are forcing Ireland to rely upon England for abortion services, presumably because they secretly wish it was a part of the UK.

Like many satirists, Johnny Wapping accepts he is an arsehole, and thinks society could be better if we were all willing to accept what arseholes we are. If you see him on Facebook, why not ask if he's read the article?