Crisp maker, Walkers have announced the launch of a new line of gammon flavoured crisps.

The new crisps will come in a range of gammon based flavours. With gammon and honey, double gammon, gammon with piccalilli, gammon and chips, gammon and pineapple, gammon and egg and extra salty gammon being made available from June.

An advertising campaign will run throughout the upcoming World Cup. It will feature some hammy acting from Gary Lineker as he makes his way to Russia whilst selling crisps to EU officials.

Rochdale resident, Cliff Edge said, “This won’t stop me boycotting them. It’s not the crisps, it’s Lineker I hate. If I’m sat watching Grand Designs and an advert with Lineker comes on. He’s there, hamming it up trying to get me to buy crisps. You know what I do?
I say, OY, LINEKER, NO! I admired your skills with the ball and I won’t deny that your scoring record in the World Cup is a great achievement. Playing for Barcelona was really good. I even liked you on that, They think it’s all over programme.”

“But your views on Brexit are wrong. You’re a traitor to your country and the Dambuster’s. If you appear on my telly, speaking Spanish and trying to get me to eat your salty snacks from your comestible tray. I’ll change the channel and tell Walkers that I’ll never buy crisps from them again.”

Not everyone is so negative though. Cliff Edge’s son, The told us, “I’m going to go out and buy the local supermarket out of multipacks. All with Gary’s face on them. Then I’ll give them to my dad.”

At this point Cliff turned bright purple and collapsed on the floor. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time as the decide what to spend the life insurance on.