The solicitor for the notorious murderers Fred and Rose West have released a statement saying that Mrs West and her deceased husband are ‘in no way affiliated with or agree with the views of US music star Kanye West.’

It comes after a long line of controversial statements, the most recent being a comment on the slavery of black people from the African American rapper, stating “400 years of slavery was a choice.”

Rose West, who with her husband Fred, molested, tortured and murdered nine women throughout the 80s, as well as their own daughter, before disposing of the bodies under their house, made the following statement from HMP Low Newton

“He’s (Kanye) is a revolting individual with disgusting views. I want to make it absolutely clear, me and Fred are in no way affiliated with that awful human.”

She continued

“I shudder to think Fred’s name and legacy could be dirtied by association with Kanye. If he hadn’t have killed himself back in ’95, I can only imagine that he’d die of shame.”

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