Writing in the lifestyle magazine ‘It’s A Gullible Life’ Dr Pie d’Piper (currently The British Homeopathic Amalgam’s Integrative Dissimulation Spokesbeing) responded to the news that the NHS will no longer fund homeopathy at the UK’s largest integrated medicine centre, The Royal London hospital for Integrated Medicine.

“It’s an outrage, with the suggested withdrawal of £3million in annual funding for the RHLIM we will struggle to deliver optimised health outcomes for the many, many needy cases we currently administer to.”

“We chose to present our response in this article through this magazine because of the overlapping relationship between their readership and our enthusiastic campaigners. A readership survey most kindly carried out for us by this very magazine identified literally hundreds who feel that their distant relative was benefitted in some non-specific way from our remedies”.

“Removing funding for our hospitals , removing funding for our University courses will only serve to reduce the numbers of much needed new homeopathy professionals being produced within the UK”.

“With fewer boots on the ground and a growing demand and indeed need for our services the hard working homeopaths will be stretched to breaking point”

“I plead with the government, for the benefit of the people rethink homeopathy funding and don’t increasingly dilute the provision of homeopathic services”.