Prisoners’ rights group, Liberty, protested against the harsh treatment of Ant McPartlin in a strongly worded text to The Rochdale Herald today after the cheeky Geordie piss-head was sentenced to watch Britain’s Got Talent on a never ending loop.

Mr McPartlin’s court appearance was the second time he was due in court. His first appearance last month was postponed after he forgot he’d been arrested.

Chief Justice Hangimhi said, “For too long celebrities have been given soft sentences. Wayne Rooney started 180 hours of community service in an old people’s home last September and nobody has seen him since. A message needed to be sent that drink driving will not be tolerated.”

Mr McPartlin was told that he would be removed from the court to a theatre on the outskirts of Milton Keynes. Once there he will be strapped into a chair, his eyes pinned open and made to watch an entire series of Britain’s Got Talent.

Mr McPartlin will be made to watch, Britain’s leading Cocker Spaniel stand up comedian, a pensioner who performs surgery on his friends, a Julian Assange tribute act and a man who plays an accordion fashioned from his own flesh.

McPartlin will then be forced to watch Susan Boyle in concert continuously until the parole board agree he’s suffered enough.

Some people have been critical of the sentence saying it’s not harsh enough. One person said that he should be made to watch every episode of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here back to back but it’s understood that this would breach the Geneva Convention.

Others have suggested he be made to listen to PJ and Duncan’s greatest hits however, it’s felt his sentence should be longer than 3 minutes and 47 seconds.