Burnley’s first “All you won’t eat” buffet style restaurant opened it’s doors today.

The lavish 10 seater eaterie offers food that most locals would never eat such as fresh fruit, vegetables (not chips), lah-dee-dah stuff and foreign muck.

The extensive menu also has words in French to really put people off and a waiter in a suit with a tea towel folded over his arm is on hand to look down on blokes looking for pie and peas.

A spokesperson for the chain said “It’s a solid business model. We put tiny amounts of food out that will never get eaten but we have a massive 1000% mark up on lager and Jagerbombs”.

Local celebrity Barry “Baz” Bosworth (famous for sitting on a bus next to someone who was on Romanian Big Brother) was the first to moan online about the food.

“It’s shit!” is the shortest, most concise critique of a restaurant we’ve heard.

Well done Baz.

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