The Queen has announced that she exercise her right to crown Prince Harry and Meghan Markle King and Queen of the USA.

During the announcement the Queen said, “Many people think that the USA is a Republic. But, in August 1814 the White House was burned down by the British Army. At that time President James Madison made a secret agreement known as the Ottawa Accord.”

It’s understood that this agreement said that if a citizen of the USA were to marry into the British Royal Family they would automatically be crowned joint monarchs of the USA. Furthermore, any offspring of that couple would automatically be recognised as the rightful heir of the United States.

The accord was never rescinded on either side of the Atlantic. It’s understood that this is mostly down to the USA’s eventual victory in the War of 1812. However, Brexit and the need to get a trade deal advantageous to Britain from the USA has put the long forgotten accord back on the agenda.

Furthermore, it is felt that Donald Trump will not put up much resistance. The move will lead him to inherit several golf courses in Scotland if he gives the Presidency up.

It’s understood that following Harry and Meghan’s wedding the office of President of the USA will automatically cease to exist. The current President will be obliged to hand over to Prince Harry in June following the conclusion of their honeymoon.

We caught up with some US citizens who were adamant that they would take up arms against Prince Harry.

But one US military analyst said, “They forget that Prince Harry will have access to fleets of cruise missile armed submarines and stealth bombers. Having some AR15’s is hardly going to make a difference.”

It’s also understood that holidays to Florida will become a lot cheaper for British citizens as a result of the takeover.