There was an awkward meeting this morning when an assistant to the Prime Minister had to explain to her what a joke was.

This occurred after a school child attempted to tell May a knock-knock joke, while she was visiting a school.

After the joke was told, Theresa May stood there with a curious scowl. Different from her normal menacing scowl, she sports around children, the elderly and the poor. An aide to Prime Minister May, quickly ran over to her side to brief her on the situation. Informing her there is a thing called humor, and many people around the world enjoy it.

“I thought it was a funny joke. But she didn’t get it. She just stood there looking at me with those cold eyes like a Dementor.”- Ethan the joke teller told us during his recess.

A statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office stated “After discovering what a joke is The Prime Minister is not amused or inclined to learn more about this form of entertainment”

We were not able to learn what the exact joke was. We were able to confirm that Prime Minister May has no sense of humor.

Or, for that matter, an idea of what joy is.