Donald Trump has announced that steel and aluminium import tariffs will mitigate concerns that the Assault Rifles used in mass shootings recently have not been American enough.

An NRA spokesman said, “The most concerning thing about these shootings is the use of cheap rifles to perform them with. That’s because the Chinese can make these rifles cheaper due to the cheap metal used in them. That’s an insult to many US gunsmiths who currently struggle to make ends meet because the market is flooded with cheap Chinese copies of assault weapons.”

It’s understood that raising trade barriers will reduce American reliance on foreign steel to make these weapons.

The President took to Twitter to express his delight, “No more will young individuals, with a bright future in front of them, be mown down by foreign guns. America will be proud again of its home grown decimation!”

Many viewers were reportedly shocked by an America TV documentary that was shown a few weeks ago. The documentary told the story of Kym, 28 who had reported to stripping in order that she could provide for her son. Kym was the 5th generation of a family of gunsmiths who had hit upon hard times due to the ubiquity of cheap Chinese firearms.

The NRA said, “When people chose to shoot up a school with guns made from American steel they are choosing to put something back into society. Although it may cost more the benefits reaped by society are immeasurable. We urge anybody on such a course of action to buy American.”