A man has confirmed that his choice of Audi Quattro was justified by the recent inclement weather.

Chris Lupton spent most of the morning in his office sharing knowing glances and discrete nods of acknowledgement with oblivious colleagues. Office drone Chris, 43, said: “Despite the roads around Garforth being rendered treacherous by almost 2 inches of snow, I fought my way here relying on the superior grip and all-wheel sensing technology of Audi’s superb Quattro system.”

“I admit that £63,000 for four wheel-drive ability that I’ve used twice in 3 years seems expensive, but it was totally worth it. Obviously I’m not alone in making such a prudent choice, as most of my colleagues managed to make it in as well. In fact I’m thinking of starting our own office Audi Quattro appreciation society.”

Co-worker Katie Jones said: “Chris has been winking at me all morning like a schoolboy at a disco. God knows why. He asked me in the kitchen to join some sort of Audi snow driving club, until I told him I’d just driven in in my 12-year old Punto a bit more slowly than usual.”