Protesters have accused Westminster of ‘human trafficking’ to fund the NHS.

The government has moved quickly to deny accusations that they are selling off Britain’s rich natural resources to fund the NHS after it was revealed that one day cricketers fetched prices of up to £1.4 million each in an Indian auction recently.

A spokesperson for the Trade and Industry Secretary said “Obviously there are times when our one day squad are not busy tonking national sides around the world in the name of St George.  It is only right that we exploit their ‘down time’ to benefit the nation.

“There are currently thriving export markets to India and Australia and we hope one day that America will overcome its obsession with rounders and participate in cricket-based trade.”

It is thought the money raised from the sale of Ben Stokes to the Rajasthan Royals will help fund a minor injuries unit at Bristol A&E.  Birmingham Hospital will receive £800k to help fund a new Woakes Wing. 

However the Joe Root Canal Unit at Sheffield’s Dentistry Hospital will have to wait for funding.