Health – A recent Government initiative has been announced to replace traditional hospital beds with bunk beds. This scheme was recently trialed in one hospital in Surrey with Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt hailing it as a “success”.

This comes following previous statements Hunt made where he suggested that “Patients might have to consider topping and tailing”. In defence of this emerging policy Hunt claims “Everyone wanted a bunk bed when they were younger, so why not now?”.

However some medical professionals have raised concerns about the wider impact of this policy Dr Chris Jones said “There will be riots as patients start fight for who gets the top bunk”.

Other critics raised accessibility issues but Gove has confirmed that “All NHS bunk beds will be fitted with stairlifts for older patients”.

He continued “we have to be realistic either we have bunk beds or patients will have to erect a tents outside hospitals they are the only options”.

The debate will inevitably continue over the upcoming weeks and months, one patient said of the proposal “its wrong on multiple levels”.