Commuters in Ormskirk were shocked today when a bus driver actually waited at a bus stop to allow a late arriving passenger to sprint down the road and catch her bus.

Passengers already seated on the bus told The Rochdale Herald that they were expecting the driver to pull away slowly just as the exhausted passenger got to the stop, leaving her frustratedly gasping breathless expletives and flipping the driver the finger.

Annette Kürten of Rochdale explained: “We were taking bets whether the driver would simply pull away or snap the door shut just as the poor cow tried to board and drive away laughing. You know, like normal.”

However, to everyone’s amazement, the driver not only waited and let the passenger board the bus but allowed her to pay with a tenner, gave change with a smile and allowed her to find a seat before moving off.

We asked the bus company for a comment and they told us that the driver will receive further training on how to jerk the bus forward sending anyone who has just boarded sprawling across the floor like Bambi after a bottle of Buckfast.