UKIP leader Henry Bolton has declared a unilateral vote of no confidence in UKIP. Bolton has spoken out tonight, claiming that he wants to “drain the swamp”.

Henry, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Bolton lashed out saying “Any political party that would elect as leader a man who abandoned his wife and young daughter to hook up with a model 20 years his junior cannot be trusted to represent family values”.

He went further adding that he can “no longer vouch for his party” and that the UKIP national executive committee was “not fit for purpose.”

Bolton has said that the NEC was wrong to try and oust him because “15% of UKIP members can already remember my name”.

Concerns have been raised that UKIP can’t afford a leadership election either politically or financially.

The situation is in danger of escalating rapidly as UKIP are running out of members who can be arsed actually leading the party. An anonymous UKIP member expressed his concerns saying “At this rate we might have to get a foreigner to do the job. Marine Le Pen maybe.”

One disgruntled party member said “UKIP has lost its core support” she went on to justify this saying “We’ve lost sight of our core values. We’re not appealing to the xenophobes and now we’re expelling racists. It’s a shambles”.

Bolton’s ‘secretary’ told The Rochdale Herald that he will not resign and will remain as leader as he doesn’t want to give in to UKIP’s demands and make them happy. He plans to stay in a relationship where he’s neither needed nor wanted.

If only he’d had the same attitude at home then none of this would have happened.