Mexico – The Mexican Olympic Games committee have revealed that their biggest prospect of a gold medal in two years time at the 2020 Tokyo games lies in a recently discovered pole vaulter discovered at the Mexico USA border.

19 year old José Luis, the Grandson of Joaquín Guzmán a successful importer of goods to USA, fondly know as El Chapo, currently retired.

A border guard recounts the story of how he discovered the young pole vaulter: “I was doing my observation rounds of the border you know, bored witless and shooting wild coyotes and stuff when I noticed a young man trying to pole vault over the Trump Wall instead of digging under it. I was intrigued by why he was doing this so I approached him and he said he was training to be an Olympic athlete.”

“So I gave him a lift in my truck to the Juarez, El Paso border crossing where the Mexican Olympic training camp is based. Here there were many others athletes training to pole vault the Wall.”

A spokesperson for the Mexico Olympic committee revealed their delight in the acquisition of this bright young prospect. “Since Manuel vaulted completely over the Wall our chance of gold evaporated as he was last seen receiving American citizenship and becoming a member of the USA pole vaulting team.”

A spokesperson for the USA Olympic committee said. “Finders keepers. Losers weepers.”