Washington has been shocked by a controversial new book which claims that, on occasion, President Trump forgets to put the toilet seat down.

The provocative claim, drawn from Michael Wolff’s new work Fire and Fury, has caused outrage across America with some even calling for the President to step down.

The book alleges that sometimes, when the President is “very busy with state business or trying to think up rude names for Mexicans” he inadvertently “leaves the toilet seat up”. It is reported that this leaves Melania Trump “absolutely furious” as “no matter how many times she tells him he still keeps doing it”.

The toilet seat allegation has sent a shockwave through American politics, with many key Republican politicians refusing to defend him on the subject. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told one journalist that so far he had “stuck with Trump through thick and thin” but is “now starting to have doubts”. He reportedly explained that “I could handle the racism, the sexism, the bullying and all the Muslim stuff” but “I’m not sure I can stand by Trump after the toilet seat allegations”.

Many Trump supporters too have admitted they are horrified by what the book claims about their President. Pam Schnitzl, a Trump supporting widower from Arkansas, stated that “I used to think Trump was a real gentleman” before adding that after the toilet seat claim “I’m just not sure any more”. Joe Weale, a bricklayer in Cleveland Ohio who voted Trump agreed adding “if the allegation is true he should resign – that’s sick and he ain’t riding this one out”.

Former Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was approached for comment, which she has promised to give just as soon as the draft statement her team produced has been run by a focus group and at least 12 different advisers.