Jeremy Corbyn has been awarded the prestigious Tony Blair peace prize and the Rochdale Herald is the only news outlet to report it.

The prize recognises Mr Corbyn’s contribution over 20 years to the Northern Ireland peace process. It has been reported that Jeremy will collect the prize in person, in Geneva.

It’s the first time in 5 years that the award hasn’t been awarded to Tony Blair. Previous winners have included Augusto Pinochet and Colonel Gaddafi.

This is the third prize Mr Corbyn has collected this month. Last week CND gave him an award based on his work for nuclear disarmament. It’s believed that in voting for Trident Mr Corbyn has ensured CND’s survival for the next 20 years.

Mr Corbyn was in attendance at the British theatre awards last weekend. He scooped an award in the “Best Performance” category for his portrayal of the Wizard of Oz in the West End production of the same name.

The production sees 4 young people attempting to go to the Labour Party conference in Brighton. One, Eric, is hoping the Wizard will satisfy his desire to own his own home. Another, Bryony, blames the Tories for her lack of a career in music and seeks Corbyn’s help to make this a reality.

On meeting the Wizard they’re told that they must vote in the next General Election to get all their wishes granted.

Later on, after they have voted, they go back to the party conference to find that the Wizard of Oz is actually a middle aged man who became the wizard by accident whilst out hot air ballooning.

The Leader of the Opposition can be seen at the Gaiety Theatre, Llandudno as Widow Twankee in this years production of Alladin.