Gravel-voiced guitar stalwart, Chris Rea, is still trying to get home for Christmas this year, after the ‘Road to Hell’ star’s head gasket went at Charnock Richards Services.

Rea, who could have sworn he had breakdown cover through his insurance, started driving home on December 1st. A tradition he has kept going since he wrote his famous Christmas anthem.

Rea broke down shortly after leaving Skelmersdale, where it is reported he likes to visit the new town for its looping roads, which contain no traffic lights – only roundabouts.

One urban legend tells a tale of Rea running out of petrol, after repeatedly driving around one of the roundabouts for an hour. He then famously paid locals in a nearby pub to push him around while singing his Christmas number 1 hit.

The news gets worse for Rea, as the Days Inn hotel at Charnock Richards is currently closed for refurbishment, meaning he has had to spend the night in his car. The nearest hotel that was available to him was the M62’s Bradford services. Rea reportedly said he would rather eat my own pants than spend a night in that s******e.

Manager of the service station, Gary Frecklington, could not be happier that the rock star has landed on their doorstep.

“It’s like that show that used to be on the telly, you know, Alan Partridge, but this time with a rock star!

“Although the hotel is closed, we at Charnock Richards services have ensured that he receives superstar treatment during his stay with us.

“The people at Harry Ramsden’s have given him the leftovers at the end of the day, and someone bought him a coffee from Starbucks. They said something about paying it forward and that our country should look after their own first. Not quite sure what they meant by that, but it was a nice gesture.

“If he stays one more night and fills his car with £30 of petrol, we’ll give him a complimentary £1.00 off Krispy Kreme voucher, for his next visit.”

It’s not all bad news however. Sales of his latest CD ‘Road songs for the lovers’ has sold out at the WH Smith store during his car park residency.