Leading members of the Right Wing Nutjobs Association have been flinging accusations around willy-nilly to the amusement of ‘leftie libtards’ everywhere.

Right wing nutjob Nigel Farage called Britain First a bunch of right wing nutjobs and in retaliation, Britain First’s Paul Golding called Nigel Farage a right wing nutjob.  

This follows in the wake of fury about racist videos which were retweeted from the account of right wing nutjob Jayda Fransen by right wing nutjob Donald Trump.

Mr Trump is, of course, best known as the President of Wanking Rightwing Outrageous Nutjobs Giving Uniformly No Shits (WRONGUNS).  

President Trump’s Twitter travesty unleashed a torrent of abuse among his motor mouthed minions. Farage condemned Trump’s actions with his fingers crossed behind his back, Golding went intercontinental ballistic, launching a verbal missile at his mentor.  

Farage had the brass neck to call Britain First a “neofascist organisation” which is the ultimate example of the Pot calling the Kettle racist and a bigot. Golding in return called Farage a lefty which is peculiar but I suppose only a right wing nutjob could describe a right wing nutjob as “part of the left wing media”.  

Golding went on to call Farage a “snake”. Odd, you might think, since Golding is well known for slithering into social media profiles, and is reputed to possess dry, scaly skin and a poisonous bite.  

Meanwhile, Mr Farage, whilst being entirely anti-Europe, is still on the gravy train in Brussels. Sprouts and gravy is a good combination admittedly, although it does go some way to explaining the hot air that emanates from Nige’s direction every time he appears in public.

Government insiders have described the gravy train as ‘an example of how privatisation really works well’, although apparently Southern Rail was banned from bidding for the franchise and Richard Branson has said that Virgin gravy trains have been working well for him for decades.

The Rochdale Herald attempted to contact Mr Farage for comment. Unfortunately he is suffering a severe swelling caused by pride. His spin doctors have quarantined him until his smugness ceases to be contagious.  

We hope, as the season of goodwill approaches, that the right wing nutjobs will forgive each other and shake hands although we must admit that this would be difficult to achieve with their right arms in the air.