Since 2015’s important breakthrough in which scientists from Noldus Information Technology proved that a small portion of the population’s neutral expression contained larger than normal accents of anger or contempt, the phrase “Resting Bitch Face” has entered the common lexicon.

However, all that could be about to change…

Expanding on their earlier work, Abbe Macbeth and Jason Rogers have made a crucial discovery, not so much about the presence of the underlying emotional expressions, but about their cause.

“When we initially carried out the research, we probably shouldn’t have kept referring to the subjects as ‘the subject’, at least not to their face,” says Macbeth. “And repeatedly asking them to ‘Go neutral’ probably wasn’t the best choice either,” continues Rogers.

It seems that testing conditions, designed to mimic working in an average open plan office space, may have coloured the subjects’ results. “It wasn’t that their neutral faces were ‘bitchy’, just that even within a short time of meeting us, they were already just sick of our shit.”

Since reviewing the data, Macbeth and Rogers have concluded that subjects with Resting Just Sick of Your Shit Face tend to be of higher intelligence, and a have lower innate tolerance for the kinds of idiocy that make up the majority of modern living.

Rather than being stigmatised for a problem of their own making, sufferers of Resting Just Sick of Your Shit Face ought to be applauded for not only putting up with your stupidity, but restraining themselves from pointing it out during your every waking moment.