In light of the recent revelations surrounding the scandalous sexual exploits of certain Hollywood actors and some of our own MP’s, one of Britain’s most well-loved comedy stars has come out with his own suggestions for solving the crisis.

Reg Varney, who starred as cheeky Stan Butler in hit comedy ‘On The Buses’, said last night “Most of these problems seem to be caused by the fact that you can’t get away with anything these days. Everyone seems so over sensitive that the slightest thing causes them to put a complaint on Twitter and sometimes call the Police if they don’t get enough likes. This is ruining the careers of some of our most respected celebrities and hard-working MP’s.”

He went on “It wasn’t like this in the 70’s. We could use words like ‘crumpet’, ‘skirt’ and ‘knockers’ on prime-time telly without anyone batting an eyelid. Me and Bob Grant, who played my mate Jack, used to be able to grope women, or ‘birds’ as we called them, on screen and shout words like ‘phwoarrrr’ while staring at their threepenny bits. Those were the days and everyone took it as good natured fun.

“I think we need to go back to those times and then people would be much more relaxed and willing to put up with more. We could ask people to wear 70’s clothes again like flares and mini-skirts, drive Ford Granada’s and eat Spam or Vesta curries. And we could stop mobile phones and the internet so people couldn’t post complaints about everything, or pictures of their dinner. It’ll be a brave new world where the likes of me, Robin Askwith and Sid James will be stars again.”

The Rochdale Herald tried to contact Mr Varney for further comment last night but were told he died in 2008.