Catalonia today announced a bold step to break out on their own and go for it alone.

Not since the 11th century has there been such a demand in Catalonia to sing from the rooftops about how much they could impact on Europe without the weight of Madrid hanging around their necks.

Of course this has caused shockwaves throughout the continent which usually sounds like bing bing bong oh nah nah nah. Spanish attempts to thwart this move have been rebuffed as even the Aussies get a say and they are not even in Europe.

So, buoyed by their Latin cousin Portugal’s Salvador Sobral success with ‘Amar Pero Dios’ penned by none other than his sister at last years’ Eurovision Song Contest, Catalonia is making a bid for the Eurovision crown. A spokesman for team Catalonia said that the situation became untenable after the Spanish entry of “say yeah yeah in 2016” and after last years performance the people decided overwhelmingly via referendum to go acapella.

“The recent referendum said categorically that the Catalan people desire, more than anything else, to have their own entry at Eurovision 2018” said Catalan Eurovision minister Joao Verde.

This reporter can’t wait to see the results however the message from the government in Madrid has been that they will not take this lying down. Spanish troops have been donning their Cuban heels and are already maneuvering to Paso Doble into Barcelona with the Catalan people standing ready to take up castanets in defence of their right to dance to their own tune.

As a wise man once said – “Una Paloma Blanca, I’m just a bird in the sky.”

Aren’t we all my friend, aren’t we all.