Sheffield MP Jared O’Mara has found himself in extremely hot water today as fresh evidence of controversial views and opinions have been found on the internet.

O’Mara, who unexpectedly beat the former Tory BDSM submissive Nick Clegg in the 8th of June election, apologised to his fellow Labour MPs on Monday night, telling them he had “stopped being such a wally” since posting the obscene comments more than a decade ago.

However, new allegations have since emerged, including a shocking confrontation with a woman in a Sheffield cafe – which O’Mara denies – where he claimed Jaffa Cakes are not cakes but biscuits.

Temporary suspension from the party automatically implies that the Labour whipcream, jam pots and scones will be removed from O’Mara while the claims against him are investigated. He had already resigned from parliament’s confectionary and baked goods committee.

Several high-profile Labour MPs had called for the suspension. Lucy Powell, the MP for Manchester Central told the Rochdale Herald: “One of the key questions you’re asked when you become a candidate for the Labour party, and you have to sign a contract to say this, is do you agree Jaffa Cakes qualify as a cake not a biscuit.

“I don’t understand, in all honesty, how Jared could have signed that paper. That’s why I think he should be suspended from all afternoon tea meetings and parliamentary duties.”

The woman who alleges that she was verbally abused by O’Mara says the incident was witnessed by her friends. She told the Rochdale Herald that she had first encountered O’Mara on a dating app, and while an initial meeting “didn’t really work out” there were no hard feelings.

She said, however, that O’Mara had later abused her – before he became an MP – when she encountered him whilst taking afternoon tea with friends at a local boutique cafe.

Asked what O’Mara said, she replied: “Obviously, some of the things aren’t broadcastable. There were some confectionary slurs in there. He said Jaffa Cakes are a biscuit, that wagon wheels are rubbish and that tea cakes are far better than both.”

A spokesman for O’Mara said: “He categorically denies the latest allegations and he thoroughly enjoys wagon wheels just as much as tea cakes.”

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