It is to be announced that reality as we understand it is nothing more than a computer simulation.

The shock admission was beamed into the minds of all world leaders simultaneously at 8 a.m. G.M.T. on Sunday morning. It is not known whether the phenomenon befalling the G20, does indeed mean that everything in the observable universe and all of human history is merely a sequence of data, but it seems likely, with reputable news sources as well as The Daily Mail reporting the announcement ahead of an official statement which is expected shortly.

The Alien Overlords which resemble melted marshmallows on a bonfire say that they’ve transmitted the truth in response to the computer programme glitching in the last year with unbelievable outcomes, citing the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency and Brexit as two prime examples.

“It was all getting a bit silly wasn’t it? We did try to warn humanity in the nineties” The Overlords were reported as saying. “We beamed messages directly into the brains of the one’s you call the Wachowskis.” This may refer to the makers of the film The Matrix, in which aliens invent a simulation of reality.

“No-one took any notice of it, perhaps because it was a load of self-indulgent crap.”

It is not known whether Theresa May will abandon a hard Brexit with the knowledge that reality can now be manipulated through computer coding to live a life of complete bliss.

It seems likely that the government’s position will remain unchanged.