The town of Bolton has decided to release a strongly worded on letter to the press following the election of Mr Henry Bolton as the new leader of the UK Independence party.

In the statement released this morning it was pointed out that the town of Bolton is only just recovering from it’s association with devilishly handsome rocker-turned-balladeer Michael Bolton.

“With the current plight of Wanderers in the Championship and with the Mets languishing near the bottom of Division 5 in the NWML the town is ill equipped to take any more L’s,” a spokesman told The Rochdale Herald.

A local celebrity who has made many appreances in various family light entertainment programmes was quoted as saying “BOLTON is BOLTON and that is why we will never have anything to do with Bolton.” The famous boxer reportedly said “Bolton has worked hard to gain a reputation Bolton can be proud of and Bolton will not tarnish it under any circumstances.”

The Rochdale Herald contacted Mr Bolton not to be confused with bodybuilder Mr Bolton nor winner of this year’s Bolton News male beauty competition Mr Bolton for comment but as of yet we have received no response.

Mr Bolton beat the favourite Anne Marie I Hate You into second place with over 3,000 votes but that means nothing to Bolton.

All this talk of Bolton has made this reporter rather peckish so i am off for a cheese and onion pasty barm. Whether or not that is with Salad Cream is a private matter.