The Welsh national Assembly has announced plans for Cardiff to be available in colour from 2022.

Cardiff will be the first City in Wales to offer full coverage in colour. The announcement was made in the Welsh National Assembly by Secretary for Culture, Media & Sport, Mr Arwin Rhys-Mogg.

The new service is expected to cost the Welsh Government between £1m and £2m per year, for an initial four hours per day, rising to 10 hours daily by 2019. The remainder of Wales will still be available in black and white whilst parts of the Tenby & Saundersfoot will continue to be hand-shaded in the summer months. A full, Nation-wide colour service is still some way off with residents of Wrexham particularly resistant to change.

Dawid Lloyd-Mogg, of Cardiff City Council will be responsible for overseeing the new colour service. He said the promised four hours of colour was based on what the Council could paint over weekends and did not include imported caravans. He said the popular sites such as The National Stadium and the Railway Station were both already available in colour, but currently being shown in black and white. Mr Lloyd-Mogg denied the coloured buildings would just be re-cycled static caravans from Tenby:

“We have to remember that 95% of people initially will not be seeing these caravans in colour,” he told us. “They’ll be seeing them in black and white. Any new buildings scheduled for construction will be exciting and originally in colour.”

Many people interviewed on the streets of Cardiff were very excited about finding out what colour the Welsh National Rugby team play in.