The world’s favourite orange leader has been ranting about his pet hate once again. The issue of so-called “Fake news” is now well within the public consciousness, primarily thanks to the man who looks as though he has drank too much Sunny D.

The Trumpster has once again been flapping his gums and gnashing his bright white teeth about the regular media outlets, such as CNN, stating they are fake news.

The confusion seems to arise when a news source publishes material that goes against the Dictator’s disturbing world view.

He makes false accusations against well-established, legitimate publications in an attempt to belittle their appeal and reputation. That is not to say that there are not “fake news” sources, of course. They are often satirical, outrageously hilarious, with blatant untruths, such as The Onion, Breitbart and the Daily Mail.

The embalming-fluid filled corpse/leader of the free world has gone as far to accuse popular newscasters as being fraudulent, nicknaming them “Fraud news”.

Overlord Trump told the Herald; “The news media in this country is weak. They are losers, folks, believe me. Also, they are so fake. So fake”.

With his reputation dubious, at best, the walking cheeto should possibly have better prepared for the media attention and built up relationships to boost his appeal, rather than create enemies.

The elderly former reality TV star enjoys nothing more than showing his down-to-earth side, appealing to the working citizen. He only occasionally flashes his billions, assets, lifestyle and much younger trophy wife. A regular average Joe at heart.

So far here at Herald Towers, we have been fortunate not to face the wrath of Donald Trump, as we thrive on being the pinnacle of truth and virtue. President Trump has tended to point the finger at outlets who report quite controversial, opinion-led stories, which probably rules out the Herald.