Donald Trump had been criticised by many for not denouncing the actions of the right-wing protests in Charlottesville. Then he declared there were people to blame on both sides, presumably the woman damaging the front of a car was irking him.

Now the mad king has gone one step further by ordering the FBI to remove all far right terrorists and potential terrorists from their official watch-list.

The former reality TV star and wrestler has previously opened up by saying there are “good people” within the fascist groups.

He has crawled closer to the right, seemingly removing his thin veil disguising his Nazi-like beliefs and being very forthcoming with the matter.

The clown has revealed “Operation Anti-Schindler” to the world, with which he wants to assist the raving lunatics, endangering Jews, immigrants and anyone not of Aryan persuasion.

The name of the task force comes, of course, comes from Oscar Schindler, who famously saved many Jewish children during World War II. He was immortalised in Steven Spielberg’s Academy Award-winning movie “Schindler’s List”, starring Liam Neeson.

The move has come up against more opposition from anyone with a brain, but this will not phase the tyrant as he now has a small army of gun-toting, inbred savages behind him, as well as a literal, well-equipped army.

The Rochdale Herald has enjoyed Trump’s tenure in the White House, as it has scarcely been without controversy.

Now, however, we may need to find a place to hide, before the ape-like moron kills us all. Anybody have an attic with enough room for a handful of cheery journalists?