White lives matter marchers have been applauded for the stoicism at the social conditions and racial discrimination they face in America today. The protests could be replicated here as many Brexiteers feel that they are subject to the same discrimination as their American brethren.

Many of the protesters braved police dogs and tear gas and were responding to the shocking brutality that many white people face from their fellow citizens and the police each day.

One said, “We’re used to this treatment from the police. A few months ago I killed a Chinese guy because he spoke to my girlfriend. The police arrested me. If that’s not brutality I don’t know what is.”

One American protestor said, “We’re marching because we can’t go on like this. I was born white and as such I face discrimination on a daily basis. Only the other day I was told I couldn’t have a job in Starbucks because I have a swastika tattoo on my face. Apparently it may offend customers. It’s because I’m white. The bosses just wanted to put a Spanish guy in the job.”

Another protester said, “I’ve been trying to join the Black Panthers for years. They won’t let me in. You want to talk about discrimination. If there were true equal rights then I’d be allowed to join.”

Other protesters cited religion as an issue.

One said, “They’re all building mosques here. Why? So they can subjugate us. Try building a church in Saudi Arabia. They’ve got the right idea on religious tolerance.”

Others were protesting about the end of slavery.

One said, “Slavery gets sh*t done. Slavery wasn’t even that bad. Most slaves loved it. What you’re told about slavery is lies to denigrate the white race and make them feel bad. This is how the discriminate against us for our bravery. It’s all the fault of the Jews like George Soros whose aims are to destroy the white race.”

Other protesters have pointed to a cultural war that is being waged against them.

One protester said, “There’s a war against our culture. People make out that the Nazis were bad. They were just trying to preserve their culture like we are. It’s a Liberal conspiracy that makes everyone think the Nazis are bad. They were socialists who took a country on its knees and got everyone into employment. The years 1940-45 weren’t that bad.”

One protester, driving a car into a crowd of people had said, “I’m doing this because I’m standing up for my people. I’ve just run over a white woman so she doesn’t have to be run over by a black guy.”

Some protesters have pointed to black people appropriating white culture.

One protester said, “Black people are forever stealing our culture. Only the other day I saw some in a car with racist metal music playing. Well no more. I’m taking a stand by burning this bus.”

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