As the world looked on with intrigue and anticipation at the spat between the USA and North Korea, a horrifying incident occurred.

With the talks heating up, appearing ever-more likely to end in bloodshed, the stakes and tensions grew. Now, the situation has seriously been put into perspective, thanks to an attack on U.S. soil, from the unlikeliest of sources.

President Donald Trump had been aggravated to such a degree that he ordered the much-speculated nuclear strike. Unfortunately, the President was so single-minded as the red mist descended that he inadvertently demanded a missile be launched at the American state of North Carolina. His Defense Secretary and other advisors are understood to have strongly opposed the radical move, trying to correct Trump and convince him to reconsider.

The hot-headed actions are said to have left President Trump unwilling to listen to anyone, including his family. Today, the President made this statement; “Folks, I cannot begin to apologise enough. I was blinded by rage. I am very sorry for the unintentional attack on North Carolina and for the lives lost. As you know, nobody knows more about war than me, believe me. Which is why I will be asking Kim Jong Un, and every world leader, for a truce. This momentary lapse has really opened my eyes to the foolishness of war and the heartbreak it brings”.

As North Carolina is left as a nuclear wasteland, other world leaders, past and present, have lent their support to Trump and his new outlook. Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair is said to have been particularly vocal, reinforcing the call for a global truce. Donald Trump’s words will, no doubt, resonate with many and it was very sad that it took a mistake of this magnitude for the leader to reassess the position.