The patrons and entire staff team at The Reed public house were in shock yesterday, after a man wearing a culturally iconic but no longer relevant t-shirt of a long dead punk group managed to get two of the band members’ names correct, despite never having heard a single song they released.

Steve Dickinson, of the Kingsway estate, regularly wears the top he bought for £6 in Primark, even though he didn’t know what the Ramones were when he purchased it. He was challenged to name the band members by pub regular Tom Bowler, who explained he was ‘sick to death of seeing pillocks wearing Ramones clothing as a supposed fashion statement when they don’t know the first thing about them’.

Dickinson, 20, who hadn’t even seen the AO Lets Go advert by Appliances Online, managed to name Johnny and DeeDee before drawing a complete blank. He admitted, ‘I’d looked at the t-shirt before I put it on this morning, so two of the names kind of stuck in my head. I haven’t got the foggiest who these people are, or what they do, but I think I look really cool wearing the same clothing as countless other people’.

Head barman Harry Koch said, ‘we get loads of prats in here wearing Ramones t-shirts; half of them weren’t even born while they were still releasing music, but not a single one has ever successfully named a single band member, even though the names are all included on the logo – they’re usually too dim to notice – but this chap somehow managed not one, but two’.

We asked customers who were present to comment, but most were still speechless after Steve’s startling achievement.