We all fear change in Rochdale especially when we meet new people and feel the tension building as we force small talk.

One local woman had those fears build into a living nightmare. Upon starting a new role at Rochdale Council, Beth Misterson dreaded being faced with the prospect of having trout-faced colleague, Julie D, hand out death stares on a minutely basis.

“At first I just avoided her as much as I could, keeping my answers brief”, Misterson explained.

“It was pretty awkward, but everyone else seemed to do the same”, she added.

The workplace terror continued for three months until another colleague announced their pregnancy.

The Mother-to-be was showered with gifts by all but none more so than from Julie D.

The whole office were said to be “astonished” at the level of thought and detail that had gone into the knitted mittens and cupcakes. One younger onlooker was said to have almost fainted when Julie D smiled for what was believed to be the first time ever in the office.

A Rochdale Council spokesperson stated that the Council has “a policy of only hiring people from their ‘Fun and vibrant community’ so it was a real concern when one was thought to have slipped through the net”.

Fortunately she is not a horrible two-faced murderer but just had a naturally scowly face and dead eyes devoid of all hope and emotion.

Now Beth and Julie are best friends often agreeing about the latest reality TV situations, sharing funny viral animal videos and “liking” each other’s Facebook posts.