Protests and rioting have rocked the city of Hamburg this week in the wake of the G20 summit. A large police presence as a result of masses of protesters has contributed to arson and vandalism across the German city.

Scenes from the chaos show black uniformed police clashing with protesters in hoodies and wearing masks.

The Guy Fawkes mask, made infamous by the graphic novel and film ‘V for Vendetta’ and internet hacktivist group Anonymous, is the modern day symbol for the anti-establishment and the fight against Elite society and Capitalism.

The mask is proudly worn by those who attend protests to fight against what they believe to be the controlling elite. In the run up to any large world leader summit, sales of these masks reach peak levels across online shopping sites.

Greg Moneybags, an executive distribution manager affiliated with one such online retailer said:

“We have to put in huge orders for these masks each year. The Chinese manufacturer’s go into overdrive. All work breaks are cancelled and all workers are expected to increase production levels or face consequences. The masks cost about 5cents to make and we sell them for a 5000% profit.”

Reddit user ‘Fashbash666’ has expressed his delight over his most recent purchase through online market and distribution service Amazon; he wrote;

“Just ordered myself an Guy Fawkes mask from Amazon, it only cost £4.99 and with my Amazon Prime subscription, I qualified for free next day delivery! Now I’m ready to go and smash the elite capitalist pigs.”

Without a hint of irony.

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