Good Morning Britain producers made the controversial choice today of asking a divisive, opinionated, loud mouth to appear on their show. Piers Morgan was reportedly shocked by the request, as that’s already his job.

However, all became clear when the far right hate cleric, Tommy ‘5 names’ Robinson, appeared on the show to push his warped agenda and to explain what it is to be a racist tosser who cashes in on crisis.

To the amazement of viewers, firstly the universe didn’t implode when Morgan and Robinson met, and secondly, someone actually managed to out twat Morgan and make the toe faced voicemail lover seem relatively moderate.

The show has been widely criticised across all social media platforms, for the callous and controversial choice of interviewing the right wing thug, so shortly after the horrific act of terrorism carried out against Muslims outside the Finsbury Park Mosque yesterday.

Sean Thompson Tweeted,

“WTF!? Who did ITV interview after 9/11, Osama Bin Laden? #GoodMorningBritain”

Followed by Sheila Aspinall, who said,

“Omfg! How can this arsehole be allowed on prime time television? It’s an absolute disgrace. I don’t think much of that Tommy Robinson either.”

When our Prime Minister, well known for her work to create inclusiveness between communities, spoke about our country being too tolerant of hatred and extremists, I bet she wasn’t expecting ITV to give a text book example of who she was talking about right after another atrocity.

Mr. Robinson has also appeared on Sky News and will continue to incite hatred throughout the week.