Channel 4 have announced a new meta-programming initiative with which it hopes to exceed the success of the Gogglebox franchise. The new programming will further abstract the viewer from the action under discussion, creating a whole new layer of self-regarding bilge, previously unimagined by media studies undergraduates.

Dr. Sue Flay of the Rochdale Community University’s Department of Unpaid Media Broadcasting explained.

“The Gogglebox idea was more of a post-modern ironic comment on society. I mean, watching other people watch TV. Who knew it would take off and become so huge?”

“Now the spin-off programmes, Vlogglebox and Gogglesprogs, have effectively cornered and saturated this market,” she continued. “How could they top that?”

A PR flack from Channel 4 explained how.

“We are announcing a new family of programmes, starting with Googogglebox, in which we watch families watching and commenting on our Gogglebox suite of content. People watching people watching TV, isn’t that great?” she enthused.

“After that, we’re going to raise the intellectual content by having a family of Cambridge academics watching and interpreting the views of Gogglebox families. That’s going to be called Gogmagogglebox.”

“Just think of it like a premium vodka,” she said. “A normal vodka is distilled once to create strong alcohol, but a premium vodka is distilled twice, to give extra purity and concentration. This is premium double-distilled Gogglebox.”

Indeed, consider that. Double-distilled. But with diarrhoea instead of vodka.