It has emerged that pastry-based, snack purveyors Ginsters have taken to the courts. They aim to prevent a social movement off-shoot from adopting their mouthwatering name.

The ‘Ginsters’ are essentially part of the Hipster movement. They advocate the production and consumption of artisan gin. Spokesman for the Ginsters movement Hartlicote Hartley-Hartley told us,

“Gin is crucial in a civilised society as much so as the beard twaddler and the tweed snood. It is what separates us from the animals. Apart from the Dutch Juniper-Distilling Weasel. Our members celebrate the spirit while seeking to add new twists, such as making the distilling equipment from recycled bicycle frames or using raglan labels on the bottles. Also, obviously, we are pronounced with a soft ‘g’ .”

However, Ginsters CEO Reg Stodge was adamant “We have spent years building a corporate identity. It is crucial that Ginsters be firmly preserved in the public consciousness as the go-to product for sad men in motorway service stations when all other food outlets are closed.”

A spokesman for the Cornish Pasty Guild, Trebilcock Trescothick, told us “We have no interest in this matter whatsoever, but we quite like gin.”