After the recent news that Stephen Fry is to be stoned to death by Irish authorities for calling God ‘a bit of dick’, the Irish Garda are now considering prosecuting other celebrity blasphemers.

The most notable example is Professor Richard Dawkins, who is notoriously against all forms of religion and often berates Islam and Christianity on Twitter.

However, Professor Stephen Hawking, who is an atheist, but does not condem believers in the same manner as Fry and Dawkins, was senationally arrested last night during a talk he was giving in Dublin.

Detective John O’Sullivan said a statement;
“It was reported to us that Professor Hawking was being very blasphemous on the Twitter. We took him in for questioning and he point blank refused to answer any of our questions.”

Professor Hawking, has since been charged with online blasphemy under the new 2017 Communications Act created after Fry’s trial.

Campaigners have come forward to advise the Garda that this is clearly a case of mistaken identity and that the man they seek is in fact Professor Richard Dawkins.

A spokesman cited Hawking’s refusal to answer any questions as grounds for prosecution however, and family members say they are not allowed to take additional battery packs into where he is being held.

Since Hawking’s arrest, Professor Richard Dawkins has closed his Twitter account and now believed to be in hiding.

Updates to follow.