The government’s official Brexit Easter Eggs have been flying off the shelves this week but many consumers have been left disappointed.

Betty Roffin of Rochdale was one of many demanding a refund, stating “I bought the Brexit egg for my grandson because the box said it came with 350 million chocolate coins, but when he opened it the egg was just hollow and empty. I feel terrible, he didn’t even want that one in the first place, I just thought it would be best for him.”

Ann Grie complained “I took a big bite of the Brexit egg and it was entirely full of shit. Literally human excrement. Plus, the chocolate was cheap and bitter.

However, not everyone was disappointed with their purchase, Nick L Dragger was delighted:

“I don’t care how bad people think it tastes, what matters is that the word ‘EASTER’ was printed in big bold writing on the box. If you’re going to live here, you have to follow our traditions.” he said, choking down a fistful of egg filling.

“I’m just eating these from now on.” *wretch* “Like a patriot..”