Welsh UKIPper, Andrew “IQ not very” Haigh doesn’t just sell bullshit through his party, it transpires.

The national organiser for Wales also sells utter bollocks in physical form.

Haigh runs a company called Vitalox that promises “aerobic oxygen” that is “the healthier element” and which he claims is “good for you.”

Chemical analysis shows that the product is actually very similar to the shite you might clean your oven with and almost identical to the quack remedy known as Miracle Mineral Solution. If you’ve heard of that it’s probably because it’s a nasty poison that the unscrupulous sell to the desperate parents of autistic children and to sufferers of autoimmune disorders.

That’s right. The UKIP national organiser for Wales sells a chemical similar to sodium chlorite, which is a strong alkaline compound used in industrial cleaning and NOT recommended for human consumption, and tells you it is good for your health.

As somebody diagnosed with two of the conditions that MMS is claimed to treat or cure, I am far too fucking angry to satirise this.

I can’t see how there is any other possible explanation for this other than this man is either a fucking moron or just couldn’t give a fuck about the damage this chemical does to the people desperate or deluded enough to consume it.

Here is the URL of a Buzzfeed article (yeah, you might not be a fan of Buzzfeed but at least they’re covering this) with more details.


I will be in the corner trying to convince myself that this world doesn’t deserve a fucking massive asteroid hit.