Chocolatiers are responding to Theresa May’s ire this afternoon after “Great” was dropped from “Great Britain ” in a number of confectionary products.

From now on “Great Britain’s Parliament Boiled Lollies” will simply be “Britain’s Boiled Parliament”.

Gone too is “Great” from the favourite of number crunchers, “Britain Has No Greater Fiscal Futures”, this ham and cheese delight, wrapped in imported white chocolate, will now be known as “Britain Has No Fiscal Future”.

And in another shock, the sour centred, dough encased favourite in counties across England, “Great Britain’s Compassionate Conservatives”, a type of hard to chew gum that is believed to never fucking finish, will simply be sold as “Britons Conned”.

Responding to a tirade from the Prime Minister, currently on a blindfolded tour of Saudi Arabia, in which she will say “human rights” once and only once and only for the laughs, Cadburys said this was just the beginning.

“As soon as Scotland is out the door we’ll be scrubbing Britain off the labels too.”

It is planned to replace it with “Little England”.

“But we may use “Great England.” The spokesman added, with a smirk.