Ken Livingstone has backed down over his claims that Hitler and the Nazis once supported the cause of Zionism- the aim of establishing and maintaining a Jewish homeland in the Palestinian territories.

“I am no longer claiming that Hitler was a supporter of getting Jews out of Germany,” said the second worst London mayor, “I was obviously misled by the fact that he wanted the Jewish people out of Germany into believing that he wanted to get them out of Germany. Obviously I apologise for any offence caused to people who ignore context so they can use their supposed offence as a political lever.”

The retraction comes mere hours before a decision on whether to expell Red Ken for the remarks made last year.

Although many welcomed the announcement, some others have said that they note a possible crumb of sarcasm.

“Not at all,” added Herr Livingstone, “I am completely sincere. If the Jewish Chronicle and those salty Labour MPs would like to compile a list of things in history that they don’t want me to mention then to prove my sincerity I will refrain from mentioning them at every opportunity.”

Dr Harold Rueben, professor of Israeli Studies at the Rochdale Community University said “It seems apparent to me that this is clearly sarcastic and made up. In fact this article is clearly taking the piss out of both sides of this ridiculous row but that’s unlikely to stop people being offended anyway and writing comments as if the article was serious and actually taking a side.”

“The only question is whether we will be accused of anti-Semitism first or being Israeli shills first.”

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