Secret Service agents are reviewing White House CCTV footage this morning which Donald Trump believes show Obama inside the White House.

The footage, captured in a storage room adjoining the Oval Office, appears to show the former President, Obama, holding a drinking glass to the wall. It’s presumed he was using the glass to listen in on Trump’s private conversation with a chiropodist.

The conversation, focusing on what to do about North Korea, was in Trump’s own words, “TOP SECRET. Probably the most top secret conversation any president has ever had about any Korea with any foot specialist.”

Trump went on to say he now had to go back to the drawing board regarding North Korea because Obama wouldn’t be able to keep quiet.

Trump added on Twitter,

“Definitely Obama. Secrets out. Must still have security pass. REVOKED IMMEDIATELY. Sick man. Obsessed with me. Just like Scharzennwggger.”

It’s believed the Trump administration was already in a fever about the many methods Obama maybe using to spy on Trump for the purpose of invalidating Trump’s presidency.

All Trump supporters understand that if Obama can succeed in undermining Trump he can resume the office of President himself.

But while uncertainty pertains as to who exactly was in the room with the glass, The Rochdale Herald has been examining leaked stills.

Our Security and International Warfare Editor believes the individual is not President Obama.

“It’s Kellyanne Conway in black face.”

Asked to comment, a spokesman for President Obama just looked at our reporter like he was insane.

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