Rochdale medium Mrs Isadore Goggins today revealed that Nigel Farage is a Russian mole bent on destroying the UK, the EU and the US. 

The news was revealed to her, she claims, by Richard Whiteley’s spirit during her most recent seance.  The seance took place last night, in her front room, in the company of her next door neighbours Jessie Ollerenshaw and Pru Stills, along with the cat from over the road.

“Apparently he (Farage) is part of a cell including Ken Livingstone, Arthur Scargill and British Leyland’s Red Robbo.” Mrs Goggins told us.

Mrs Goggins last hit the news in late 2016 when she claimed that the spirit of Leonard Nimoy had confirmed her suspicions about Boris Johnson being a member of the Reptilian Overlords along with Donald Trump and David Dickinson from Bargain Hunt.

Dickinson has denied the accusation.