Self-titled “spiritual healer,” “life coach,” and amateur YouTuber Rebecca Gronski has started a GoFundMe page to help support her travels across the world and take on a “spiritual journey.” 

While many called foul on Gronski, stating that she along with the spiritual journey are frauds, Lewis Huxley, a local Rochdale man, advises her to take a tab of acid instead to achieve the same effect.

“For about £10 (about $15 in the US) a hit ‘round here, you pop a single tab and you’re good for about 12 hours,” Huxley explained. “When I’m bored I like heading out over to Springfield Park, solid day spent. I go about twice a month, I can say I feel spiritual about every time. You get to see all of the nature shit like grass, trees and flowers become super clear and look like they’re breathing. If you’re lucky and on a super good one, sometimes the hills and buildings melt.”

Gronski, however, states that the funds will also help assist her in “writing (her) book (about (her) personal journey), … putting out videos on (her) YouTube channel, creating (her) art and giving back to the communities wherever (she) go(es).”

Yet Huxley stated that a simple acid trip and walk to the park can accomplish all those things for about a thousandth of the price. “Carrol didn’t need to travel when he wrote about that girl Alice and Dali didn’t need 10 grand to paint those goddamn melting clocks. Both just needed some psychedelics, their minds and art supplies and they were good.” Huxley explained.

“If she records the acid trip and puts it on YouTube it should make the channel more popular too, “Huxley added after seeing her channel averaged about 300 views, if that. “The stupid shit she’ll end up doing will probably make her go viral.”

As of this moment Gronski has only reached about $265. While $9,735 short of her $10,000 goal, Huxley states this is more than enough. “That’s a little over two-weeks worth of acid trips for the girl, if she’s not a great artist after all of that, then it’s just proof she’s a con.”