President Donald Trump has been the first victim of his cancellation of orders compelling universities and other institutions to respect personal identity.

Although rescinding the orders was expected to only affect libtard and snowflake university students, and make his base orgiastically happy, Trump himself was the first to encounter problems.

The immediate difficulty was faced when he tried to enter the Oval Office. A member of the Secret Service refused him entry. The reason being that Donald Trump was only a “So Called President” and the armed personnel were uncertain if he was still allowed access to the hallowed space merely because he now identified as a President?

While this matter was being resolved Trump stormed from the White House.

His destination was Bloomingdale’s Washington department store. The wind in Washington still has some of that winter bite and Trump decided to purchase a new pair of gloves, having left his between a pair of intern’s thighs that had closed upon his attempt at showing appreciation.

Ms. Sugar Suges, a staff member on hand, gave this account “Donald, he was not happy. He wanted gloves. Okay. We sell gloves. You can buy gloves if you want gloves.”

So what was the problem?

“He wanted big gloves. Big big hand gloves. That’s what he said. But he’s got small small hands. He was insistent on big gloves. We wouldn’t sell him those big gloves. No way.”

Ms. Suges went on to explain that the department store was determined to fight frivolous purchases as part of their global warming strategy and there seemed little point in selling Trump a pair of gloves that were clearly too large and would only be returned.

It is understood that whether or not Mr. Trump would be allowed back into the Oval Office was still being debated.

Mr Trump himself wished to vent his spleen over the situation on Twitter, but has found his account disabled by the social media giant because it was no longer certain if Mr Trump was literate enough to tweet or only identified as someone who knows some words.