Paul Nuttall O.B.E is reluctant to talk about Fight Club, the global phenomenon he founded in 1996.

“Chuck and me, we don’t talk about it.” He replied when our entertainment correspondent spoke to Paul earlier this week.

The interview took place in the historic gardens of Tweedie Hall. Home to the Nuttall family for…actually, I’ll let Paul tell yuz.

“This pile has been the home of me family for five hundred years. Capability Brown re-planted the gardens in the 19th century. Do you know why they called him Capability and not Lancelot, his real handle?”

No. Please explain?

“I was hoping you could tell me.” Paul chuckled. “You know one day a boffin is going to invent a way to check these things.”

I look forward to it. Now Paul, about Fight Club – The first rule of Fight Club is?

Paul shifts in his seat.

“Did you know my grandfather was CEO of the Honourable East India Company?”

And Fight Club?

“It’s just a way to create a safe space for men.”

Cracked it.

“Something that was missing in the world, what with feminazi’s”

Paul grimaces here. But he quickly recovered and asked his own question.

“Do you know what the second rule of Fight Club is?”

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