The controversy over the U.S. National Security Advisor position continues as Trump’s most recent nominee for the position, retired vice admiral Robert S Harward, rejected the appointment. 

Harward stated that he felt that the administration, much like a sinking ship, would eventually go bottom’s up because of Trump’s incompetence.

“As a former admiral, with over 40-years of military experience I picked up on a couple of things,” Harward told reporters on Thursday. “One of these is how to spot a sinking ship, and trust me, this administration is sinking faster than anyone can anticipate. As National Security Advisor, I would be expected to go down with the administration. That’s a type of commitment and prison term I’m not willing to risk. “

Harward was reportedly Trump’s first choice pick for the position, yet immediately after his rejection, Trump declined that Harward was considered at all. “Harward’s a good guy, I guess, I barely know the guy,” Trump said in a statement for Breitbart. “But his decision to reject a position as fall gu-, I mean National security advisor shows he’s not that smart. 

The administration’s going great, everything’s fine. I mean he wasn’t really a choice, I offered it as more of a charity thing. Many people want that position anyway, it’s really easy to do if you’re smart. And I’m smart, I can do it, and be the best National Security advisor ever, but I’m too busy as president creating jobs and fighting against fake news.”

As word of this rejection spreads, there are rumors that the Trump administration may be looking to outsource the position to Russian nationals and former KGB advisors. Contrary to these reports, a Russian ambassador has recently claimed that it may be unnecessary as Michael Flynn, the former National Security advisor, had already given the Kremlin plenty of confidential information.

“Flynn has given us a ton of insight into U.S. national security,” the ambassador who chose to remain anonymous stated. ”And he was handsomely rewarded for his efforts, hopefully this corrupt administration can assist us even further.”